Monday, December 22, 2008

An added bit of cheer!

I just wanted to pass this along to all of you.

Earlier this summer we received a large quantity of phone cards donated by the SCVR (St. Croix Valley Riders), It took awhile but with the help of Dwight Smith - President , Patty Magyar - Gifts for the Troops , Mr. Lynn Larson - Toy's for Tots, Indian John, and Yvonne Zappa the cards found a home.

They were sen to the 175 FSC that is preparing to deploy out of Appleton, MN, The cards were received due to the
2008 SCVR Red Barn Run Sign up with Miller Beer for "Keep Your Balance Pledge" sign up and they give you a 20 Min Ph card.

The unit was so happy to get them.Young soldiers will be getting them to stay in contact with their parents, and spouses while training. They will come in so handy.

Thank you to all who were involved in helping keep out troops in contact with their loved ones.