Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Do Make A Difference

This comes from Doug Bley, the Ride Captain from Metro NW...George

Someone I do business with has supported the MN Patriot Guard simply because I said it was a good thing. I received this email today and it reminded me of the real value we bring holding that American flag. Earlier this year Monica talked about the face of the Patriot Guard being the flag. That in mind I reminded my friend that what he saw in AZ he would see all across this great land. Ordinary people honoring heroes in silence and with dignity. Making a difference in their communities. Thank you, MN Patriot Guard members, for being part of this wonderful movement and rebirth of patriotism.


I went to AZ after the holiday and had two sales calls Monday of this week. In between the two I stopped by where I go to Church there and could not figure out why on a Monday morning around noon the parking lot was full. As I got to the back of the lot I saw all of these motorcycles parked with American flags and then could see them standing guard by the entrance to the Church. What an experience, I have seen short news clips about your group, but never seen this in person. You are a dedicated group.